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(revised 06/18/2014)

This organization shall be known as the Flint Hills Jeep Club. 

The Flint Hills Jeep Club is organized as a not for profit organization for:

a. Providing social, educational and recreational activities for its membership.

b. To promote and support the sport of off-road travel and four wheel vehicle ownership.

c. To promote the safe and responsible use of public lands and recreation areas.

d. To promote, organize and hold outings, meetings, trail runs and other events for its membership.

e. This organization shall promote and practice the principles of the TREAD LIGHTLY program.

1. Regular Membership
a. Owners of JEEP vehicles are eligible for membership in the FLINT HILLS JEEP CLUB.

b. Dues for this organization shall be set by the membership.  For full family membership, members must reside in the same household. Dues will be set by the Members each year at the December meeting. Membership will be limited to two (2) votes per household and those voting must be 18 YOA or older. Membership will also include a Flint Hills Jeep Club decal, Club Newsletter, and membership in the Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association (SWFWDA).

c. Annual membership dues are from August 1st – July 31st of the following year.  Dues shall be pro-rated at 50% for a partial year only from February 1st or any other subsequent month through July 31st.

d. A general notice will be included in the July Newsletter prior to the annual membership dues renewal date.  A by-name Notice will also be provided in the August and September newsletters if dues are outstanding.

e. Any members’ dues that are two months in arrears (e.g., 1 October for annual dues) will be dropped from Club rolls and the Newsletter list.

f. All dues, past and present must be brought up to date before a member can be reinstated.

Off-roading is an inherently dangerous sport.  The
FHJC shall not be held responsible or liable for any damage to personal property or injury to persons as a result of off-roading activities during FHJC events.

h. For safety considerations, ALL members are strongly encouraged to have the following items in or on their vehicles while out on the trails and during club events: Basic First Aid Kit; Fire Extinguisher; Seat Belts in use (provided they were standard issue with your model of Jeep); Tow Strap; and Fixed Recovery Points, front and back.

2. Honorary Membership and Club Sponsor
a. This type of membership may be awarded through nomination by any member in good standing and approved by vote of the Club. This membership is granted to a Person, a Business, or an Organization that the Club feels supports the sport, the Club, and its activities. 

b. Businesses and organizations will be asked if they would be willing to be considered as a Club Sponsor prior to the vote.  Sponsorship does not obligate the sponsor to any financial or commercial support of the club or its members, any such support is purely voluntary by the Sponsor.  Sponsors’ logos and business contact information will be included in the monthly newsletter.

c. Honorary Members and Sponsors will not pay dues nor have a vote, but will be entitled to a voice at meetings they attend and the monthly Newsletter.

d. Honorary Members and Sponsors may also elect to pay membership dues to become regular club members entitled to a vote.  Sponsors would be considered as having a dual membership (Sponsor/Member), but would only have the standard two votes per household rule as regular members.

e. The FHJC Charter and Bylaws apply equally for Honorary Members and Sponsors as they do for regular club members.  Honorary Membership or Sponsorship may be revoked at any time through the vote of the club membership for violations.  Any revocations of Honorary Memberships or Sponsorships will be conducted in accordance with Article 11 c. of the bylaws.

a. Meetings shall be conducted monthly at such times and places as are designated by the members or the President.

b. Club monthly business may be approved by a majority of those voting members in attendance.

a. The Club By-Laws will stand as written. Any approved changes to the By-Laws will supersede all prior versions.

b. A Committee will be formed by the president, as needed, to review any By-Laws and will consist of two or more active members.

c. Any changes in the By-Laws will be brought before the membership to be voted upon at the next club meeting following publication in the FHJC Newsletter.

d. A majority vote of those members present is required for approval of changes to the By-Laws.  

a. This organization shall be administered by a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Safety Officer and Historian, hereinafter referred to as the FHJC Executive Board.   

b. Executive Board officers shall be elected by the voting members of the organization; a majority vote of members present is required for election to any office.

c. Nominations for Officers will be in November.  In December those nominated will be voted on by secret ballot.
d. Newly elected officers shall take office at the regular monthly meeting in January.

e. Candidates for office must be members in good standing.

f. Any member may hold two offices except the office of President.

g. An Events Coordinator will be appointed by the President from the membership and is responsible for planning and coordinating special events.

h. A Webmaster and/or Social Media director(s) will be appointed by the President and is responsible for maintaining the FHJC internet website and/or social media sites.  These positions may be appointed either from within or outside of the FHJC membership.

i. A Newsletter editor will be appointed by the President and shall be responsible for layout and quality of the monthly newsletter.  He/She will also be responsible for the copying, mailing, or e-mailing of the newsletter.     

j. Club Officers are expected to submit an Officers Report for the Newsletter each month. The Officers Report for the Historian is optional.

k. Newsletter articles are to be submitted to the Editor no less than one week after each meeting and the newsletter will be published no later than the end of the month.

a. PRESIDENT - presides over all meeting and events.  He/She will represent the organization at events. The President will also appoint an events coordinator, editor for the monthly Newsletter, webmaster, and a social media director. 
- shall assist the President and serve in his stead if the President is absent.  The Vice President will also Chair the By-Laws Committee should one be appointed.

c. SECRETARY - shall keep and preserve all records, minutes of regular meetings, membership records and be responsible for all Club merchandise/property.  He/She shall receive and answer all general correspondence of the organization.

d. TREASURER - shall keep and maintain all financial records of the organization.  The Treasurer shall collect all dues, fees, and make such disbursement as is directed by the membership.  He/She will also be required to submit a monthly financial report.
- is responsible to educate the members about safe driving and how to practice safe four wheeling.  He/She will also be called upon to check equipment of vehicles and to ive advice at club functions and events.  He/She will also have the authority to enlist additional qualified help if needed.
- shall be responsible for keeping a scrapbook for the club, taking pictures at club events and club functions.  He/She will also be responsible to help with club table or booth at events and functions. 

a. All monies collected by this organization shall be immediately turned over to treasurer and placed in the organization’s bank account.

b. No expenditure of the organization’s funds may be made without approval of the organization’s membership at the regular meeting, with exception for copying and postage cost for the mailings of the newsletter.  Reimbursements will be made by the Treasurer upon a receipt being presented to the Treasurer plus approval by membership present.  All receipts will be kept in a ledger.
A ledger of the organization’s funds shall be maintained by the Treasurer and this ledger shall be open to inspection by any member in good standing at monthly meetings.

a. Recall proceedings may be called for by any member in good standing, at any meeting, by verbally stating their reasons.

b. All votes for recall will be held at the next regular scheduled meeting.

c. Any Officer of this organization may be recalled by a majority vote of members present.

d. The officer up for recall will be given an opportunity to give reason why they should not be recalled before a vote is taken.

e. The vote for recall will be by secret ballot.

f. In the event of a vacancy of an officer; a special election will be called to elect a successor.  The secretary, or president in the secretary’s absence, shall notify all voting members at least two weeks in advance of such an election.

a. All events and functions shall be subject to approval of the membership present.
All events are to be conducted in an orderly manner with safety as a prime factor.
are permitted during any event or function of this organization under penalty of expulsion from the organization.

d. All members and guest shall obey the traffic laws of the state.  The Club recommends wearing safety restraints while participating in events.

e. Participation in club events/functions shall be limited to members, guests and potential members unless otherwise decided by vote of membership present.

f. Any elected officer shall have the authority to cancel or postpone any event if conditions exist which prohibit the event from being held safely.

g. No one under the age of 18 years of age shall be allowed to drive in a sponsored event/function unless they have a liability release signed by their guardian, notarized and present it to the secretary prior to the event function.
Again, for safety considerations, ALL members are strongly encouraged to have the following items in or on their vehicles while out on the trails and during club events: Basic First Aid Kit; Fire Extinguisher; Seat Belts in use (provided they were standard issue with your model of Jeep); Tow Strap; and Fixed Recovery Points, front and back.

a. The Flint Hills Jeep Club is a family oriented organization.  All FHJC club members, family members, and their guest(s) must conduct themselves in a manner which is consistent with club standards and ideals, and must abide by the rules of this organization.  All FHJC members, their family, and guest(s) must abide by all local, state, and federal laws during club sponsored events.    All members, family, and guests must adhere to the specific rules and regulations posted at parks or event sites. 
b. Any member who does not conduct themselves appropriately will be directed to leave a club event by the President or the ranking club officer present, and may be subject to dismissal from the club.  Any family member or guest(s) who do not conduct themselves appropriately will be asked to leave club sponsored activities and will not be allowed back at FHJC events.

c. Any club member may bring a formal complaint, either verbally or in writing, to any officer of the club.  The complaint will be forwarded to the club president.  The club president will then call a special meeting of the Executive Board within 30 days of receiving the complaint to determine if the complaint has merit.  If a majority of the officers present believe the complaint has merit, a vote will be taken on appropriate action to remedy the complaint.  In the event of a tie vote, the President may call upon the Events Coordinator to serve as a tie-breaker and a second vote cast.  Any sanctions imposed must be approved by majority vote of the officers present.  If a club member is dismissed for any reason they forfeit all member privileges and any dues/fees/monies paid to the club.  Members who have been sanctioned or dismissed will be formally notified of such action by certified US Mail.

 d. In addition to the rules set out in ARTICLE 10, the following activities or conduct is prohibited:
          (1). Any unlawful use or possession of illegal drugs or controlled substances is strictly prohibited and will be cause for termination of membership.
          (2). Fighting with any person at a club event is prohibited and may be grounds for termination of membership.
          (3). Displaying, brandishing, or using a weapon of any type to threaten, intimidate, assault, or injury any person is strictly prohibited and will result in termination of membership.
          (4). Unruly or disrespectful behavior by club members during club sanctioned events will not be tolerated.  This includes extreme and constant profanity or disparaging remarks about members, their families, or club sponsors.
          (5). Inability to maintain harmonious relationships with other club members during club events may be grounds for termination of membership. 
          (6). Members will not knowingly trespass. While trail riding, if a member ventures on private land or a closed area and an officer of the law issues a citation, arrest or confiscates the vehicle; liability is bore solely by the owner or the person doing the action. Members are to follow rules and regulations of property and/or its owners.
          (7). Littering at club events or during trail riding is prohibited.
          (8). All codes of conduct and bylaws also apply to any passenger or non-member guest. Club members will be held responsible for any and all passengers or guests that accompany them to an event.
          (9). If at any time a FHJC member’s personal conduct or activities whether at a FHJC sponsored event or not, rises to the level of bringing discredit, embarrassment, or discontent to the FHJC as an organization, or otherwise is not in keeping with the standards or values of the FHJC, said member’s membership may be terminated.

a. The Flint Hills Jeep Club website (https: //www.flinthillsjeepclub.com. and Flint Hills Jeep Club Community FaceBook Page (https://www.facebook.com/fhjck. are the primary on-line sources for information regarding the Flint Hills Jeep Club.  These websites will be the only web addresses provided on official FHJC documents including brochures, membership recruitment materials, and in publicity.  The FHJC Facebook page will serve as the primary source of media postings such as event photos and club videos.  Only events and information posted on the FHJC website and FHJC Facebook site are considered official and representative of the FHJC. 
b. The FHJC website will provide a portal link to the Flint Hills Jeep Club Community Facebook Page and the Flint Hills Jeep Club Bulletin Board (http://expertoffroad.proboards.com) as long as each remains moderated and current. 
The FHJC’s Website and Facebook pages are public sites and are viewed by many from outside of the FHJC organization.  Members, visitors, and guests will refrain from using profanity and vulgar language on any FHJC social media site.  Interactions and postings will be respectful and non-threatening.  No photos or videos containing offensive, obscene, or inappropriate content such as nudity are allowed to be posted on FHJC websites.  If a member, visitor, or guest does not follow this policy, the Club President or his/her designee will contact the user and remind them of the FHJC’s Social Media Policy.  The FHJC’s Executive Board can decide by majority vote to remove any member, visitor, or guest from the FHJC social media outlets or from FHJC social media websites for violations of this policy.  Violation of this policy can also result in termination of club membership.
The FHJC website or any social media platform using or representing the FHJC name may be terminated by majority vote of the membership.



ARTICLES, 5, 6, AND 9.


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